If you want good grades, you must be ready to attend classes. Remember you paid tuition. Don't let it waste. This, however, is a less important reason compared to other consequences of truancy. It is advisable that you try as much as possible to be present at all classes in an academic session.

How do you intend to ace that examination and obtain that eye-popping CGPA without attending classes? Absenteeism lowers your chances of success, which class attendance guarantees. The benefits of attending classes are outlined below:

Obtain marks for class attendance: Lecturers in the university I attended, awarded marks for class attendance. This also applies to many tertiary institutions. This mark could be the difference between getting an A score, and a B.

A worthy guide for studying lecture notes and materials: Many textbooks and lecture materials are ambiguous and complex to study. However, when you attend classes, the lecturer, who obviously knows a lot about the subject/course of study, breaks it into understandable/digestible chunks easy for assimilation. In class, you get new insights, perspective and dimensions to the subject of study. You and your colleagues also get to ask questions, think critically, and provide answers to pertinent questions under the guidance of the lecturer. You don't want to lose out on these benefits.

Class attendance saves you study time: Time is a luxury. Instead of spending long hours trying to figure out what the author of the text you're studying is trying to pass across, adequate class attendance would simplify it. You get a better understanding when you relate what the lecturer says/taught in class to your personal study. That way, you have enough time to cater for other time-based needs.

Answering exam questions: It isn't unusual to see students miss classes while reassuring themselves that textbooks would help them catch up. What they, however, fail to realise is that a good number of lecturers use a different approach in presenting lessons. Others are highly opinionated. Whatever questions they, therefore, ask during the examination will be based on the context of study in class. Don't be a victim.

An opportunity for an interpersonal relationship: Lecture sessions facilitate interactions among students, and with the lecturer. Ideally, it is an opportunity for building lasting relationships. You get to forge friendships in class. Friends can help you achieve good grades. Such a warm environment facilitates learning. Your lecturer also gets to know you, and mentor you. I appreciate intellectually stimulating discussions, and attending classes gave me an opportunity to experience one.

Good notes: When information goes through several human channels, there is bound to be distortions and misinformation. Same goes for copying other students notes. It is very important that you are in class, and take down your own notes yourself. From my own personal experience, I discovered that notes I personally took down during lectures were more understandable than the ones I copied from fellow students. Being present during classes and taking down your own notes will help you understand your course of study and ultimately excel.

Puts you in a studious mood: Going to classes connotes responsibility. It is an important motivation for study. It drives away complacency. It reminds you of the reason why you are in school. This is necessary, so as not to lose sight of your goals of studentship.

You will not miss test and class exercises: It is common to see lecturers administering an impromptu test to students. In such a situation, you miss out on marks accrued from taking that test. Those little marks count in your quests for academic excellence. Don't be a truant.

Haven said this much, there might be instances where you have to miss classes due to some reasons you consider important. In such a situation, it is recommended that you inform your lecturer and/or course representative where applicable. Also, remember to get the notes you missed from a serious class member and not a poor performer.

It has been proven that class toppers and high flyers don't miss classes. You cannot be a truant and expect a good exam grade at the end of the academic semester/session. Such a student will most likely not have mastery of the subject of study nor be of reasonable benefit to the society. Be a diligent student, and success will be your companion.

Did I mention you risk a carry over/re-sit of your courses when you miss classes? I have advanced enough reasons for attending classes.
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