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This write-up you are about to read is a sure bet to banging that exam and ultimately getting an eye-popping CGPA. Hehehe. You just sit quietly and read this. Happy you would be if you follow! Author's note: this article has a mix of both the English language and the Nigerian pidgin.

1. Don't ever miss classes! You dey hear ba? There are a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn't miss classes. I'll be magnanimous to give you a reason: your lecturer sure knows more than you. If you need to know the other reasons, please absent yourself from classes, your CGPA at the end of the session will tell you.

2. Copy notes but listen more. Confused? Don't be please. Pay more attention to explanations by the teacher. Sometimes, note taking serves as a distraction which leads to missing out on important points. If it were possible to record the lectures and play it later for note taking... 

3. Do assignments promptly and do it well. Ha! You don't like assignments? You go fai…


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