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It is one thing to attend classes, but getting the best from the lecture session is a different ball game entirely. I have outlined the following as steps to take if you desire to get maximum benefits from your lectures.

1. Come before the lectures begin: endeavor to be at the lecture venue (class) not later than 30 minutes to commencement of the lectures. The benefits of this cannot be over emphasized. It puts the mind in a relaxed mood, ready for learning. You also get the chance to make brief revisions before the lecture commences. Do this a few times and you'll see it becoming a part of you.

2. Sit in the front: O' yes! The back seat they say is meant for late comers and noise makers (*chuckles*). Sit in front where the chances of you being distracted are minimal. You also get to hear the lecturer clearly.

3. Come prepared: just like a farmer goes to the farm with farming implements, go to the class with whatever is required of you or things needed for convenience such as ca…