This write-up you are about to read is a sure bet to banging that exam and ultimately getting an eye-popping CGPA. Hehehe. You just sit quietly and read this. Happy you would be if you follow!
Author's note: this article has a mix of both the English language and the Nigerian pidgin.

1. Don't ever miss classes! You dey hear ba? There are a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn't miss classes.
I'll be magnanimous to give you a reason: your lecturer sure knows more than you. If you need to know the other reasons, please absent yourself from classes, your CGPA at the end of the session will tell you.

2. Copy notes but listen more. Confused? Don't be please. Pay more attention to explanations by the teacher. Sometimes, note taking serves as a distraction which leads to missing out on important points. If it were possible to record the lectures and play it later for note taking... 

3. Do assignments promptly and do it well. Ha! You don't like assignments? You go fail well well! There will always be assignment in the academic environment. You better start liking assignments. I don talk my own. Make sure you complete it well ahead of the deadline and be there personally to submit. Also, it is better to be an oversabi than to be an undersabi; that is to say, submit quality assignments.

4. Read your notes on time. What is the use of hundred pages of well copied notes that will not be read? I told you earlier there were a thousand and one reasons to attend classes. It will interest you to know that there are a million reasons to read you notes. When you read notes you personally took down during lectures, you get perfect understanding. Please don't pile up those notes till two weeks to exams except you are a genius! I don talk my own. To know the other reasons for reading you notes, do not read your notes before an exam. Your CGPA. go tell you!

I hope you are still reading, please get a glass of water before you continue so you're refreshed.

5. Seek other relevant materials. Those notes are not enough! Oh yes you heard (read) me right! Reading notes only will make you an average student or at best a slightly average student. Get Texbooks, handouts, search on google, yahoo, get pdfs. Hehehe, no be you say you wan write better grade?  All of these resources will help complement the knowledge you get from your notes. Please endeavour to pay more attention to what is relevant when reading so you don't end up on a wild goose chase.

6. Get your equipment/instruments and carry it everywhere. A farmer always goes to the farm with his hoe and cutlass (don't tell me about modern agriculture). Dear sir/ma'am always ensure you have your own personal equipment- calculator, drawing board, pen, mathematical set, meter rule, stencils and the likes depending on your course of study. Please get your own and ensure it is readily available when needed. Na inside exam hall you wan dey borrow calculator? You go remain average o.

7. Choose a suitable study plan and time. There are no two people with the same characteristics. Everyone has got peculiarities. Therefore, if reading in the night suits you, stick to it. For the much organised set of people with time table, una well done. All I'm saying is don't be a copy-cat.

8. Get past question papers. It is a common occurrence in higher institutions to see questions from previous sessions of same level being repeated. Get them and revise. You'll be glad you did.

9. Know your lecturers. Every lecturer has got his/her own style/requirement. That's a fact. Find it out and stick to it during tests, assignments and exams. It will give you an edge.

10. Choose your electives wisely. The fact that you cannot carry over an elective course doesn't mean you should neglect reason in your choice. A poor score in an elective will negatively impact your CGPA.

11. Make use of reading strategies. Reading strategies such as SQ3R and the likes can be employed or better still, you develop one for yourself provided it is effective.

Following the steps outlined above is a sure bet to success.

See how to calculate your CGPA HERE. 

However, it doesn't end there. There is a second part, which is as essential as the first.

These steps which I call part two are a continuation of steps to getting an eye-popping CGPA..

1. Roll with the good guys. The consequence of doing the opposite is better imagined than experienced. If a goat continually follows a dog, one day it will eat faeces. Being in company with smart individuals will definitely rub off on you. Not forgetting the extra motivation one gets from such relationships.

2. Be Determined and optimistic. You know that 'I can do it' mindset, you need it in great measures to get to the top and remain. Determination fires you up and optimism keeps you going and focused.

3. Seek help where necessary. No man is an island. There will always be someone who knows more than you. Be it the lecturer or a fellow student. The important thing is to identify such individual and fetch from their pool of knowledge. If however you feel too big to seek help, na you sabi. You CGPA. go tell the story.

4. Practice healthy competition. A bit of caution is needed here. Notice the word healthy. There is also a competition that is unhealthy and leads to envy and bad blood among peers/colleagues. Healthy competition involves peers deriving motivation from each other. Example: Jane is a student on a 5.0 CGPA. Betty realizes she (Jane) doesn't have two heads and strives to perform as well as her. Simple!

5. Put your ears on ground. In order not to miss information crucial to your success, it is important that you have you ears on ground. Drop your contacts with colleagues should they need to reach you. No play with this one o.

6. Pray to your God. this is for the religious. God answers prayers. Bear in mind He is no magician! Do your best and let him handle the rest.

If you've been reading from part one to the last step above, trust me, you've got the determination to bang that examination. Your success is sure.

These steps however aren't exhaustive. The comments section is open for discussion. Thanks for reading.


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